Kiwiversity School Management System is an innovative and affordable web-based software, designed to facilitate the administration of your school. It will manage student enrollment, attendance, classes and much, much more.

Below are some of our modules and features:

Class Management and Waiting Lists Managing

Create or modify classes, enroll students and assign teachers, manage class timetables and select various types of courses created and defined in other modules. There is also an option to place potential students in waiting lists.

Hours and Attendance Tracking

Real-time hours tracking for teachers and students as well as real-time attendance tracking for student late arrivals, absences and no shows. Teacher hours can also be previewed as invoices and generated each month to the school.

Payments and Partial Payments Tracking

Tuition payments and credit hours will be tracked from the time of enrollment, to session completion, session renewal, or transfer to another class. You will always be notified if a student forgets to renew tuition payments, saving your school time and money!

Membership Tracking

View every membership record and have a full understanding of your member's status and activity. Track membership payments, renewal reminders, expiration notices. Sort and filter your membership data. Export to third party marketing software.

Online, Excel and PDF Reports

Reporting dashboard will generate online, Excel or PDF reports. These reporting tools will allow you to quickly visualize and analyze your school data. With an increased automation, paperwork is almost eliminated from the day-to-day work process.

User and Group Rights Management

Capability of setting features that users, teachers or other administrators can access. Kiwiversity uses profiles to simplify and manage the users' experiences; profiles define the access that a group of users will have in Kiwiversity.

Sending Email to Students, Teachers and Classes

Teachers can be automatically notified of class modifications. From the Kiwiversity system, teachers and administrator can also send emails and email attachments to a single student or an entire class.

Great Exporting Tools to Excel

The lists of prospects, followers and active students can be easily exported to a marketing tool, such as MailChimp, so you can always remain in contact with your subscribed prospects and advertise your school and new classes.

Intelligent Automation to Interface other software

Kiwiversity uses Workato Intelligent Automation to interface and communicate with other software in real time. Up-to-date information about leads, students, payments, and more, can be immediately transferred to other apps such as Mailchimp or QuickBooks.

Lead Nurturing Features

With our lead nurturing features, you will never lose a prospect again. Capture leads, launch email campaigns, track and analyze lead data increasing your lead/student conversion rate.

Online Store Platform Solution

Online Store Solution that offers a simple and attractive e-commerce platform. It works with the Kiwiversity System and can be integrated in your website. Visitors can register to classes, buy books, memberships or even make donations..

Website Integration

In addition to the Online Store Platform Solution integrated in your website, Kiwiversity can also be connected to your school website’s contact page and automatically capture all your prospective students’ information (or leads) to have it in the Kiwiversity System.